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Amy Alexandria Upton Just wanna share my excitement. Even though I have messed up and stalled or even gained several times. I just keep on getting back on track and its paid off. #30 in just over 2months. Went from XXL scrubs in pic#1 to L pants and XL top (because of boobs) in pic#2. I've still got at least 60lb to go but 💪💪

Amy U. Testimonial.jpg

Connie Darlene There is exactly 4 months between these photos. I was at my heaviest and unhealthiest (body and mind) before I started HCG. A month into HCG and I decided to just go with TD and hope for the best. I am so glad I did. This month has been the hardest and I haven’t lost much on the scale but my body is changing. This whole experience is shaping my mind and my body in ways I couldn’t imagine. I didn’t take measurements and this is the only before picture I have. My advice Take pics and measurements for those days when the scale isn’t moving!

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Elizabeth C..jpg

Elizabeth Curtis I started this round on February 27th with my intention to follow it through to Easter, this is what I did for Lent. I survived and didn’t cheat at all, but did have stalls, especially during TOM. Today I am down 28 pounds, I was hoping for more, but grateful for this start! I have a long road ahead of me still, but I’m confident I’ll get there. I did HCG OP back in 2010-2011 and lost 60 combined pounds (3 cycles) and kept the weight off for a year, but then after 3 kids, I gained it all back and then some. The HCG and TD protocol has been so much easier to follow and I don’t feel like I’m starving myself, which is nice. I’ll definitely continue with this protocol and hopefully, I’ll have more comparison pictures in the months to come! Hang in there, it’s worth it!! ❤️

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Rebecca Fargen I have been on protocol for 14 days using HCG and Thin Deluxe, and have lost 10 pounds!! I am close to my ultimate goal and feeling healthier and happier every day. I can keep up with my kids and have plenty of energy. I have never found something that works as well as this protocol. Overall SW- 282 CW- 150 GW- 130

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Danielle Williams Trying on birthday outfits last year Vs this year!! Thanks to thin deluxe!! Still have 20 lbs to go.

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This was so amazing I have to share again!!!
Lost 50 Pounds Since February 9th!! I went to meet him yesterday to take him some more HCG, and I could not believe this was the guy I met a few months ago at the Pizza Place in Irving!!! He said he doesn't even recognize himself when he looks in the mirror. He said he has not weighed this since he was 13!!!

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